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Lesson Programs



Introductory scooter lessons consist of helping the new rider acquire the following basic steps to becoming a comfortable scooter rider.

These lessons teach;

   -skate park etiquette

  • comfortable use of scooter
  • Proper foot positions and balance
  • Basic turning and pushing methods
  • Use of small ramps
  • Intro to pumping
  • Small jumps/bunny hops
  • Flatland jumping



  • These steps can be mastered in just a few classes, these are prerequisite scooter skills before starting to perform tricks.




Intermediate scooter riding is an introductory to basic tricks on ramps and bigger ramp use. Learning how to source speed from ramps to be able to elevate from other ramps to perform tricks is very key to becoming a great scooter rider

Key skills such as;

-dropping into big features

-jumping gaps (take off-to landing)

-advanced pumping methods

-intermediate tricks and combination of tricks.




Advanced lessons are for those who are already very good scooter riders. Comfortable riding ramps and already have a great amount of tricks in their trick vocabulary. These classes are for those who are hoping to prepare for contest or need critiques on their approach to tricks to try and get as closest to perfect on their tricks.