Fasen Hypno Dot Wheels 120mm

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Lets face it, Hollow Core wheels are some of the best wheels you can go with if you're looking to have a fast rolling scooter, while also keeping it light. There are a few companies that have introduced Hollow Core wheels, since they have become so popular, and now we're excited to say that Fasen has finally released some of their own! The all new "Hyno" Hollow Core wheels are not just your ordinary wheel. Being one of the lightest 120mm wheel out there this wheel has one of the coolest designs on the market as well! Having the "Hypno" design on these wheels you wont only be passing up everyone at the skatepark but you'll be hypnotizing them as well! Keep in mind that these wheels are bigger than your average wheel size so they may not fit on just any scooter. 


Sold in Pairs!!!!