All-in WHIP Pro BMX/MTB Shin Pads

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Moving down to the Shin pad, we decided that in 2023 season we needed matching shin pads to our knee pads, this was an easy decision. A simple design with a few extra tweaks keep padding where its needed and dont go to heavy where its not. You will notice that there is padding only on one side of each pad. This is to fully prevent you from the torture that tailwhips or any kind of taking your feet off movement you do. So the Inside protection goes on the inside of your leg. We used an EVA blend of foam so its not to heavy and is very dense. We also switched out the inside to a more breathable fabric. and a more durable lightweight plastic insert for the shin. Theres really not many ways to reinvent the shin pad except to add protection where most brands dont. Be sure to Check out our brand new Ankle Guards and Ankle Braces All are designed with measurements in mind so we keep the exposed areas at a minimum.